Barney Frank and Beans

Rather than labor over what the first post here at H4E should be, I feel as if I should just get right to it, not with a bang, nor with a whimper, but with a brief rumble.

We’ve all had that horrible experience of sitting in a quiet restaurant, or the subway, or church, when you just have to let loose a puff from your ass cannon. You try to look casual as you raise one cheek which you hope will provide the room needed to let your gas pass unobtrusively from betwixt your thighs. Most of us however do not experience this nightmare on live television. Imagine the camera catching our nervous shifting from side to side, the lift and separate, and the final bid to make it look as if it was the furniture. So Hooray to you Rep. Barney Frank who passed gas live on the air with Rachel Maddow.


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