Doctor Jackstraw, abnormal drug trafficker

When I first moved to NY I used to see people selling bootleg movies all the time. I haven’t seen it in a while, but then again I haven’t been down to Canal street in a while either. It used to be you could buy a VHS tape of a shaky hand-held recording of a new release, filmed from inside a movie theater for just 5 bucks. Totally illegal, totally unwatchable, totally worthless… except…

Except for the bootleggers that went that extra mile, designing their own packaging for these shitty 50th generation copies. Occasionally they would write a synopsis of the film on the package so that you could easily see what you were getting. Most of the time it was as simple as, “Charlie finds a gold ticket and goes to a Chocolate Factory run by a mad man.” But every once in a great while a synopsis comes along that is so close and yet so far from the actual film that it describes that I desperately wish that this bizarro universe version existed.

Found at: Calvins Canadian Cave


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